Our Policies



We do not enter any rooms unless requested.  Fresh linens and towels will be provided by request.  

Do not leave garbage outside.  We will pick up upon request.  Please keep cans, bottles & plastics separate from garbage.


Our water is well water.  It is routinely tested and very safe to drink.  Some say it is the best tasting water they ever drank!

Our grounds and wildlife

We take pride in our property please respect nature and do not intentionally feed any outside animals (squirrels, birds, rabbits, foxes, etc.) including our Westie, Maggie (she has allergies and can only eat hypoallergenic food and treats).  We also have 2 outdoor work cats.  Again, please do not feed the cats or allow them in your room.

Mosquitos, yes we have them!  Please keep your room door closed.

Pet Friendly

We are a pet friendly motel.  However, we do have some rules:

  • All dogs must be leashed when they are outside
  • Please pick up after your dog does his business
  • Dogs are not allowed to stay alone in the room


Please do not take our towels to the beach or clean off with them.  Our towels are white and our sand and clay are red.  We would like to keep them white.  If you need a beach towel, just ask we have some we can provide.

Beach Access

Walking to the beach. There are two ways:

  1. Doyle Road turns into a dirt road and goes straight to the beach but it is pretty rocky there.
  2. Take the path behind the gazebo, turning right on the utility road following the path of fence posts towards the water.  When the road splits off, take the path to the right. Stay on that path until you see a picnic table at a campground.  there will be man made stone steps down the cliff.  This takes you to a long sandy beach for walking!